About Us

Who is Grundy County Hereos & Helpers?

Grundy County Heroes & Helpers Inc (hereafter known as GCHH) is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization that consist of first responders, their families, and community volunteers who dedicate their time to help children and families in Grundy County, Illinois.  Our main focus is to help these families while they are enduring loss, trauma, poverty and hardships.


GCHH is funded by donations, grants and fundraising events throughout the year from the public.  All funds collected go towards the annual event in December where first responders are partnered with a volunteer and a child(ren) in need to purchase necessities.  These necessities include coats, hats, gloves, boots, shoes, clothes, etc.  Additionally, the child and their families attend a luncheon afterwards with Santa where not only do they get to eat a wonderful meal with their heroes but pick out toys that have been collected throughout the year from toy drives.  It is a day where families get to be lifted up by their community and smile.


Wendy Briley

President / Director


Tammy Moran



Timberlie Jahn



Sharon Russell



Katherine Cabada

Vice President / Director


Becky DiVincenzo

Board Member


Deanna Baker

Board Member


Melanie Elias

Board Member

You've Been Egged for Charity!

This is a fundraiser where people can donate to our organization and we will "egg" a person's (of their choice) lawn with easter eggs.  The eggs are plastic and come unfilled unless the person wants to add some adds-on.